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About Us

Quality and experience in antiques and vintage parts

OR Antiques, was born from the Oficina de Restauro that began its activity in 2011 in the area of conservation and restoration of furniture.
The OR Antiques, have a huge experience in finding quality antiques and vintage pieces. Since 2011, we have been creating a collection with carefully chosen pieces.
Thus, OR Antiques decided to present to the market the best in antiques and vintage pieces.
We want all our customers and visitors to come out and engage with our pieces.
So, enjoy!


Let's make it happen!

Phone: +351 916219963

Calçada de São Vicente, 85 Lisboa - 1100-572 Lisboa - Portugal
For visits, prior booking is required.

Contact us

Filipe Carneiro de Almeida

I have a degree in conservation and restoration from the Ricardo do Espírito Santo Silva Foundation.

I have developed several furniture restoration works for private clients, antique dealers and museums.

I currently collaborate with an auction house in the evaluation and cataloguing department.

One of my passions and hobbies is to discover antiques, vintage pieces and unique decorative objects.

I decided to found OR Antiques to present what I have discovered and not just keep it to myself.

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Calçada de São Vicente, 85 Lisboa 1100-572 Lisboa Portugal T: +351 916 219 963 E: