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With our experience and with the experience of our consultants in the most diverse areas, such as antique painting, furniture, jewelry, contemporary art, Asian art and decorative arts, we are able to offer a service of evaluations of individual pieces as well as complete fillings.

Conditions of Evaluation

Whenever a formal, written valuation is requested (includes: identification of the asset and its state of conservation, the material it is made of, the time, country of origin, measurements, weight in the case of silver and valuation value) and duly signed - namely for the purposes of sharing, insurance, placing at auction, updating property assets, or any other purpose - and requested, ORAntiques may also arrange to have its experts come to the house or the place where the assets are located.

Sales and Results

We achieve excellent results when the client decides to sell a filling or a piece, through our partnerships with national and international auction houses.

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